Screenshots may not reflect current features or design.
One convenient list of all your content!
View, sort, and filter your download list as you desire!
Easily see Vita-supported content!
Even if you do not own a Vita!
Determine what is compatible with PS TV! (en-us only)
PS+ Support
See what is and is not tied to your subscription.
Requires active subscription.
Download Queue support
Easily send items where you want them to go.
Pick up the pace with keyboard shortcuts!
Export your list
On your terms: Infinite columns, any property.
CSV format for spreadsheets.
Even on-the-go, do not settle for a featureless download list!
Lightweight, portable, consistent.
Computer or mobile, always the same experience.
Open source!
Direct: Ultimate last resort.
  1. Copy the following to your clipboard:
  2. javascript:$.getScript("//");void(0);
  3. Navigate to the online store.
  4. Paste into your browser's address bar, removing the previous text.
  5. Ensure the pasted line begins with javascript: If not, add it.
  6. Submit.
  7. PSDLE should activate.
If Direct does not work try other methods. Bookmarklet is the next step, followed by Userscript then extensions. Pasting the above line into your browser's console is also viable but not recommended.
Bookmarklet: Same as Direct, but from a bookmark.
  1. Bookmark this link:
  2. Navigate to the online store.
  3. Select the bookmark from your bookmarks.
  4. PSDLE should activate.
Some browsers (like Android Chrome) may refuse to execute this from bookmarks.

Userscript: Run a saved, local version. Automatically updates.
  1. Install Violentmonkey ( Firefox, Chrome), or equivalent.
    • Traditional Greasemonkey for Firefox has an issue.
  2. Install the PSDLE userscript.
  3. Navigate to the online store.
  4. PSDLE should activate automatically.
Extension: Same as Userscript but cooler.
Probably almost always works, sometimes.
Reviews of all kinds are appreciated!
For advanced users and conspiracy theorists only!

After successful activation the PSDLE logo will appear in the bottom-left corner, click it to start.

Like PSDLE? Please support it!
Having problems or found a bug? Submit here!
PSDLE does not require Java, Java is not Javascript!
I need personalized help.
Visit the support section for contacts.

Is this safe or a ploy to phish account details?
Yes it is safe, no it is not for phishing account details. I put it on GitHub for a reason, feel free to view the horribly effective code yourself and decide.

PSDLE does not and will not ask for your login credentials, as they are not needed to function, but does require an account to be signed in.
When signed in, an account's Entitlement (game) data is available and used to generate the list.

Can I select which specific console I send items to for the download queue?
Seemingly no. It appears any number of consoles share the same download queue so it's based on whichever checks it first.

Sending items to the download queue is failing, despite working (minutes) before?
Your connection to the store most likely timed out, refreshing the page and running PSDLE again should solve this.
If the system is failing to start downloading, ensure you're signed in (or sign in again) or try rebooting it.
If it's still not working, then submit an issue.

Where are all the cool features like PS1/PS2 games, categories, background screenshots, etc.?
Enable "Catalog" during startup to obtain additional information about each game.

Keep in mind this increases the time to generate the list, relative to the amount of items on your list.

What all can I do with the search options?
  • Search by name, ID, Publisher, and more.
  • Get auto-complete suggestions to find things faster.
  • Filter by system.
    • If Catalog is enabled, Classics inherit their original system (like PS1).
  • Filter by categories (avatar, demo, etc) if Catalog is enabled.
  • Use regular expressions (regex).
    • Wrap the search string in / like normal.
    • Use the custom /d modifier to exclude/invert matches.
For more information about Javascript Regex, click here.

Does this differentiate between Vita and PS/Vita TV games?
At the time of writing PSDLE can attempt to detect PS TV content for en-us only.
The option will only show up if using the en-us web store, which accepts only en-us accounts.
This is a limitation of the web store, not PSDLE.

If detected, "TV" will appear next to content's platform.

Is PSDLE meant to compete with or replace the Download List?
It may appear to be a competitor or replacement due to its features. However, I see it as more of a supplement.

While the Download List may have shortcomings, I'm sure those who can officially provide a solution know and do not need to be reminded, told they "do not care", or told how their current product does not live up to PSDLE. Thank them for their awesome work instead, they do it for a living!

The Download List is a great thing to have, PSDLE simply makes it better!

At the bare minimum, PSDLE intends to maintain parity with the download list and interact as expected with the PS4, PS3, and Vita first.
After that is done, pile on additional features (like powerful searching) to expedite those interactions.

What does PSDLE stand for?

Can I write an article about/share/print out and marry PSDLE?

Am I free to copy, modify, redistribute, etc. PSDLE's source code?
Yes, per the rules of the license.
Please do not imply that your version is supported by, endorsed by, or associated with the official one.

If you have ideas, suggestions, or code additions/improvements, send them my way!

Messages asking for support for programs/utilities other than PSDLE will be ignored.

I may be contacted directly at (for support, feedback, or otherwise): If you would like to buy me a beer drinking simulator, I accept Steam currency!
Either e-mail me a wallet code or requesting to be added as a friend to gift through Steam.
No worries! Despite accepting Steam currency, PSDLE will still receive updates.

Google Analytics:

This website uses Google Analytics to collect various non-identifiable information about you, the visitor, including but not limited to:

  • How you reached this website (another website, a search engine, etc.)
  • General browser and OS information (Chrome/Firefox, Windows/OSX, screen resolution, mobile device, etc.)
  • And a lot more. For more information, please read Google's documentation about Analytics.
To repeat, all information collected through Google Analytics is non-identifiable, or anonymous.

How and why I use the data collected:

Previously, while not surprising, the main website traffic was from mobile so the site was made with Bootstrap to accomodate.

In current day, the analytics are primarily used for monitoring traffic sources to the website and Chrome extension store page to guage interest and conversation based on location and language. No behavioral tracking, profiling, etc. is performed.

Opting Out:

If this policy is not to your liking, but you wish to continue using this page (not PSDLE) you may do so with this add-on provided by Google or blocking Google Analytics outright with your preferred method such as an adblocker's privacy rules list.
If the opt-out procedure is not to your liking I would advise ceasing use of this webpage completely.


PSDLE is very powerful and provides a lot of functionality but requires various information, some of which may be personal, however it only operates with complete user approval down to the method used and its activation.

PSDLE accesses the following information when used:
  • Purchase information for generating the list. (PS+ status, time of purchase, etc.)
  • Console activation information. (only if Queue is enabled)
  • Download Queue information. (only if Queue is enabled)
Information collected during use is not permanently stored. If you would like to keep a permanent list please use the "Export View" function.